YachtMovers - Pricing

We're one of the few yacht delivery companies that will give you a comprehensive Fixed Price quote. Other quotes may look great, but ask what's not included. Whatever option you choose, we will be transparent with the pricing, so that you know exactly what to expect and what you are getting for your money.

Fixed Price delivery quote

Once we have agree the Delivery Fee, then its fixed. It covers the services of our professional skipper and crew for the duration of the delivery, and includes provisioning. We don't charge extra for delays caused by bad weather, and we never put the yacht or crew at risk to save time.

How do we calculate the fee? We estimate the number of days required, including yacht prep time and, depending upon the length of passage, rest days en route / contingency. We then charge a day rate of just £185 for deliveries of less than 7 days and £170 for longer deliveries.

The only changes are if we are held up because of mechanical problems with the yacht. In that case the above day rate is charged for the lost time.

What other costs are involved?

The only other costs would be those you would have incurred if you were doing the trip yourself, passage costs such as fuel, port fees, and transport home for the crew (we always use the lowest priced, reasonable travel option). We will detail these in your quote and at the end of the delivery we will provide a full reconciliation with receipts. Before additional costs are incurred for repairs or essential maintenance, we will discuss the options with you.

What we need from you

The yacht needs to be fully insured for hull and all risks for the trip. It needs to be in a safe and seaworthy condition, with a liferaft that's serviced and in date, and an appropriate level of safety equipment for the passage to be undertaken. The key equipment is identified in our safety equipment checklist but if you have any doubts, ask us first before buying new kit.

Fixed Delivery Fee example

Each delivery is unique and therefore, so is each quote. However the following will give you an idea of how we calculate our Fixed Price Delivery Fees:

Taking a 1,200mn delivery on a 36' yacht for example. Assuming an average of 5 knots, the passage would take 10 days. Adding a day for preparation and 2 rest/contingency days, gives a total of 13 days, which would equate to a Fixed Delivery Fee of 13 x £170 = £2,210.

Standard Day Rate deliveries

If a Fixed Price Delivery Fee is not appropriate, then we do also offer a Standard Day Rate Delivery Fee. This is based on the same day rates but you just pay for the actual number of days used. An estimate would be agreed at the outset. If additional day are required, an addition fee is paid, if less days are required, then the unused days are refunded.

Crew transport and passage costs are calculated in exactly the same way as for the Fixed Price Delivery Fee.

Assisted Passages

These are based on a day rate, so you can choose how long you want us to stay onboard with you. This could be for a complete delivery or just to get you started and to build up your confidence, so you can go on alone.

As the owners would normally be onboard, covering the passage cost and provisioning directly, then our Assisted Passage day rates are just £165 per day for passages of less than 7 days and £155 for longer passages. With transport to/from the yacht being the only other charge, this is a very costs effective way to get great support and training.

Assisted Passage with RYA Training

All of our Assisted Passages can contain a level of coaching / training. Our skipper is a an experienced YachtMaster Instructor and is happy to share his knowledge with everyone onboard. If you wanted to include the option to get a formal RYA qualification, this can also be arranged with the addition of specific training days. The additional days would be charged at £230 per day and would be managed to ensure that the full RYA syllabus was covered.

Buyer Beware

Yacht Delivery is a specialised job and needs expert knowledge. There is no shortage of amateur yachtsmen who want to make a few pounds by delivering yachts. And there's no shortage of stories where things went wrong.

With Yachtmovers, you pay a fair price for a professional job and you will know exactly what you are going to get and what you are going to pay before we start.