Assisted Passages

Sail it yourself - with our help

Want to move your yacht yourself but don't have the experience? Perhaps you've just bought your first boat. Maybe you want to undertake a longer passage for the first time or you just want to visit some different and more challenging locations.

Starting out on your own, can be daunting and possibly dangerous. Sometimes the first passage on a new yacht, to get her home, is a significant one. Even if you are an experienced sailor, this may take you places that are more challenging than you are used to. We can help by sailing with you, so you can undertake the passage in safety.

How Assisted Passages work

With our 'Assisted Passage' or 'Assisted Delivery', we provide a highly experienced YachtMaster Ocean / YachtMaster Instructor skipper to sail with you, for some or all of the passage. That way you have the confidence and the security to take your own yacht on new and more challenging voyages.

This can be a great learning experience too, with the very best kind of training, tailored to your needs - one to one - on your own yacht.

You can choose what you want. We can just provide some support and coaching to help you hone your sailing skills, or we can help with everything from carrying out the proper yacht preparation checks, planning and provisioning, to advanced navigation and seamanship. We can even add RYA training and certification to an Assisted Passage.

Cruising across the Channel

It's amazing what you will learn and how it will build your confidence!

Once you've done an Assisted Passage that goes beyond your current experience, you'll find it a lot easier to do it again by yourself.

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